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The Workshop's Wand Station

There are 15 different wands in the game. The Classic is unlocked by default, but the others must be earned. Invicata is awarded to players who finish a season in the top 10. The Crystal Wand is a reward for beating the AI's hardest difficulty. The rest of the wands can be purchased with Relic Dust.

As of update 1.8.0, each wand has unique properties that you can use to your advantage.

Name Relic Dust Description Property #1 Property #2 Property #3
The Classic 0 An excellent wand for novice wielders XP Gained +25% Mana Regen +10% -
The Inductor 200 Energy courses through this wand and through those who wield it Electric Damage Dealt +10% Max Mana +15 -
Dead Master's Blade 500 Fashioned from the Dead Master's sword and imbued with the chill of The Vale Cold Damage Dealt +30% Restore +35% more health when healed -
Lion's Pride 500 Wand of the proud; those who will not accept defeat Start the match with strong Armor Damage taken reduced by 10% -
The Remnant 2000 Assembled from parts of a living creature who cursed the wand with his final breath Holder is Cursed Summon Cost 50% Less Damage taken reduced by 5%
Celestial Scepter 2000 Now stripped of its gems, this scepter once belonged to the high priest of Celestial Halls Max Mana +30 Max Health -5 -
Scarab of Sahir 5000 Looted from the Sanctum, this is the treasure-hunter's wand of choice Relic Dust Earned +100% XP Gained +15% Points Won/Lost +5%
Ophidia's Sting 5000 The serpent's venom gives spells cast from this wand an extra bite Damage Dealt +15% Splash Damage Dealt +20% -
Aspis Claw 50000 Forged from the magma of Aspis Prison, this wand remains hot to the touch Fire Damage Dealt +25% Fully restore mana from collecting a health pickup -
Ophidia's Vigil 50000 Like this wand, the Acid Cloud relic is made with stone from Ophidian's Temple Create a short-lived Acid Cloud by Teleporting +3x damage taken restores mana -
Celestial Spine 50000 A wand crafted in the portal of Celestial Halls, its maker could never return Mana regen +20% Damage taken increased by 40% -
Ortus Armament 50000 A blunderbuss modified to harness the power of Ortus Station's unique cargo Teleport cost -10 less Max Health -5 3% chance to cast Chaos Leap when hit
Dead Master's Staff 50000 This powerful staff was used to imbue the Vale's crystal with magic Damage Dealt +15% Create a healing effect after 25s on tile -
Invicta N/A A reward for finishing a season in the top 10. Use with caution! Points Won/Lost +35% Max Health -20 Max Mana -20
The Crystal Wand N/A Awarded to wielders who manage to defeat the impossible AI +25% point bonus for a knockout victory +35% point penalty for a knockout loss Mana regen -10%