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Leveling Up

You level up by earning experience (xp). The higher your level, the more xp is required to reach the next level. Experience is earned by:

  • Completing your first duel of the day (500xp)
  • Getting your first win of the day (500xp)
  • Winning a duel (250xp)
  • Losing a duel (125xp)
  • Getting a draw (125xp)
  • Winning without taking damage (50xp)
  • Winning without using a pickup (50xp)
  • Landing the first hit in a duel (25xp)
  • Dealing the most damage in a duel (25xp)

Your level progress bar is displayed at the bottom of The Monolith and in the profile section of the Workshop's blackboard.


  • Characters and Wands are unlocked with Relic Dust
  • Titles can be displayed by your name in the lobby and are unlocked for various achievements
  • The following rewards are earned by leveling up:
    • Spell Tokens (used to unlock new spells)
      • A new spell token is unlocked at every level from 1-21
    • Relic Dust
      • 100 is earned every time you level up after level 21
    • Additional Loadouts (allow you to switch wands between games)
      • Unlocked at levels 10 and 20
    • Centurion Title
      • Unlocked at level 100
    • See the Experience Table for more details about leveling up

Season Score, Status, and Banners

At the beginning of each season, all players start with a Season Score of 0 (which can't go any lower).

Climbing the Seasonal Leaderboard is the primary competitive component of Wands. Once you reach level 10, you'll earn points by beating other ranked players and lose points when they beat you (however, Friendly Duels and duels between opponents with huge score disparities are unranked). How many points you win or lose after each game is determined by your score and the strength of your opponent. Beating tougher opponents yields more points. You can win or lose a maximum of 10 points in a single game. The current rankings can be found in the Leaderboard section of the Workshop's blackboard.

Your status is determined by your current Season Score and is displayed with a banner in the lobby

  • Developers have a special banner signed by everyone at Cortopia
unranked Goat Herder
0-49 Dust Collector
50-99 Relic Chaser
100-149 Beyonder
150-199 Wandsmith
200-249 Outlaw
250-299 Wielder
300-399 Aspirant
400-499 Duelist
500-599 Tactitian
600-699 Veteran
700-799 Champion
800-999 Grand Master
1000+ Legend

Skill Rating

Every player has a hidden skill rating. The rating system works similarly to the Elo system (which is used in chess and many other competitive games).

The skill ratings for the top 20 players are shown on the leaderboard webpage, where it is called Skill (Lifetime).

You can see how your skill rating compares to your opponent's on the bar at the top of The Monolith. Each tick on the bar represents a different skill-based title, which is permanently unlocked by reaching that skill rating.