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Easy Money is one of the game's current recurring events

Event Types

  • Recurring events happen weekly or biweekly. Patch 1.3.6 added leaderboards and in-game rewards for recurring events
  • Promotional events are one-offs based around a theme or collaboration
  • Tournaments are organized by the community on the Wands Discord Server

Ongoing Events

Name Event Type When Reward
Easy Money Recurring Every Tuesday 6PM UTC - 11PM UTC
and Thursday 11PM UTC - 4AM UTC
1000 Relic Dust for top 50
Double XP Weekend Recurring Every other weekend
Fri 11:59PM UTC - Sun 11:59PM UTC
2x experience earned during event

Notable Past Events

Promo art from the Ready Wielder One campaign
  • Wielders' Night was a recurring Gear VR event that happened three time per week: Sat 11PM UTC, Sun 11PM UTC, and Wed 2AM UTC. Despite its lack of prizes or rankings, the event was fairly popular. The most busy Wielders' Night was on August 26, 2017, with 4698 subscribers. The first Wielders' Night occurred on August 12, 2017 and the last one was on February 28, 2018. It was replaced by Easy Money and Double EXP Weekend after the developers added an in-game event system.
  • Ready Wielder One
  • Holidays in the Beyond was a series of events celebrating the 2018 holiday season