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Numerous characters and wands can be unlocked with Relic Dust (RD). When you switch to a different character or wand, the change is only cosmetic; there are no gameplay advantages.


There are 11 different characters that can be chosen from at the Workshop's Gallery. Scavenger and Inquisitor are unlocked by default.

    Assassin - 500 RD
    Scavenger - 0 RD
    Widow - 200 RD
    Inquisitor- 0 RD
    Komuso - 5000 RD
    Collector - 2500 RD
    Nemesis - 15000 RD
    Raven - 5000 RD
    Vindicator - 15000 RD
    Vanguard - 2500 RD
    General - 200 RD


The Workshop's Wand Station

There are currently 9 different wands available to choose from. The Classic is unlocked by default. Invicata can only be earned by placing in the top 10 at the end of a season. The rest of the wands can be purchased with Relic Dust.

The differences between the wands are only cosmetic. Changing your wand doesn't have any effect on gameplay.

Name Relic Dust Description
The Classic 0 The most common wand used by relic wielders
The Inductor 200 Wand vital to the purification of the mercurial crystal
Invicta N/A Wand awarded for top 10 placement in a Season
Lion's Pride 500 Wand of the proud; those who will not accept defeat
The Remnant 2000 Wand forged from the tears of the damned
Celestial Scepter 2000 Wand capable of commanding the divine
Dead Master's Blade 500 Wand fashioned from the Dead Master's broken sword
Ophidia's Sting 5000 The Viper-Queen's poison still courses through this wand
Scarab of Sahir 5000 The key to unearthing Sahir's darkest secrets