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Two tiles, two pickups, and The Vale's super feature are visible in this screenshot

Duels in Wands take place in one of six different arenas in The Beyond:

Arena Tiles Introduced Super Feature
Aspis Prison 10 1.0.4 The Warden
Temple of Ophidian 11 1.0.4 Rai Stone Traps
Celestial Halls 12 1.0.4 Energy Portal
Ortus Station 11 1.2.0 Teleportation Orbs
Dead Master's Vale 12 1.2.0 Mercurial Crystal
Sanctum of Sahir 23 1.4.0 Three Sections

Each arena has:

  • 10 or more 'tiles' that players can teleport to
  • 3 health pickups that restore 15 HP and respawn
  • A unique 'super feature' that affects gameplay


  • Some spells and strategies can be far more (or less) effective depending on the arena
  • Each new match takes place on a random arena
  • You can freely explore each arena without an opponent by selecting "Explore" in the portal
  • Celestial Halls and Ortus Station have each had two significant redesigns
  • Aspis, Temple, and Vale got minor tweaks in 1.3.0 to make the game more fair for remote users on mobile platforms
  • All five super features were added in patch 1.3.6